Kenny Imafidon

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United Kingdom




  • BPP University
  • LLB

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Managing Director

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Social entrepreneurship

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Human Rights

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I am very passionate about social justice and working in collaboration with others to bring about social change, particularly for those coming from the most marginalised communities. Growing up in a socially deprived community, social justice is something very important to me. As I have both experienced and witnessed first-hand how issues such as; poverty, racism, inequality and a lack of opportunities, can affect communities for the worse. I understand the dark and ugly reality that many people face who are growing up in communities like Peckham where I grew up. I understand their frustration with the political system and their inability to have faith in a system that they feel cannot resolve their issues. However, I am determined and have faith that there is still hope and that things can change for the better. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye or stick our heads in the sand, saying 'things will never change'. WE are that hope and the change that we wish to see. When it comes to bringing about change I have realised that you are either part of the problem (by doing nothing) or part of the solution (by doing something) their are no in-betweens. I have decided to be part of the solution and I pray many others join me to be part of the solution too, so that we can make this world a better place. It's not going to fix itself.


Through the work I do with ClearView Research I am able to conduct research and produce reports looking into several social issues such as crime, housing and political apathy. These reports have been influential in terms of changing the way decision-makers perceive these issues and these reports have been referenced in parliamentary debates. Through the work I have done as a Director at Bite The Ballot, I have worked on developing and executing national campaigns to get young people to register to vote and turn out to vote on election day. In 2014 we created the annual National Voter Registration Drive in the UK and since we have been coordinating this campaign almost 2 million millennials have registered to vote. Our recent campaign that we coordinated ahead of the EU referendum called #TurnUp, was the most successful registration drive in any Western democracy (per capita) contributing towards 1.1 million under 34 year olds registering to vote. As part of this campaign, we formed partnerships with a wide range of partners from private, public and charitable sectors such as: Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Deliveroo, Tinder, NCS and UK Youth.