Bradley Heslop

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Bradley Heslop

University of Southampton

I am passionate about

I am passionate about seeing people achieve great things, overcome barriers and live fulfilling lives.

My why in life is "to make life fun and create freedom from injustice band social barriers so people can achieve their potential."

I am a naturally empathetic, curious and analytical person. I find enjoyment in observing psychology, particularly around behaviour change.


As a student, I led a team in Enactus Southampton to design sanitation businesses for widowed and single mothers in Kenya; allowing them to turn human waste into fertiliser. I then led the international project arm with 70 students; 2 social enterprises, and an idea generator and incubator.

In 2014, I was recognised as 5th in the Top 100 Future Leaders publication.
I also co-founded an initiative for a staff-students partnership to improve the enterprise culture and offering. This was funded £24k by the Intellectual Property Office and has lead to a new university department focused on improving student enterprise.

After graduating in 2015, I co-founded a social enterprise consultancy, Socii Ltd and a portfolio of social franchises, WSV.

Through WSV we aim to revolutionise the role of charity in development. We have designed the following 3 micro-social enterprises, with and for communities living on less than $5 a day:
Petal - Tackling the stigma and isolation of women and girls due to menstruation. Petal franchises produce reusable sanitary towels and deliver free education on menstruation to women and men.
Roots - Addressing rural sanitation poverty. Roots franchises build EcoSan toilets, mainly in schools, and convert human waste into fertilizers for sale to local farmers. This, alongside free community education on hygiene and sanitation.
Right Light - Eradicating the use of kerosene for lighting. Right Light franchises create zero-risk access to clean energy through a solar lamp rental scheme and battery charging service.

These solutions are packaged into a “business in a box”, that we sell to charities on a social franchise. By 2022, we plan to have set up micro-enterprises that will provide:
1 million women and girls with affordable, hygienic sanitary towels
1 million people with safe, hygienic toilets
1 million people with access to affordable, safe lighting