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Maira Duque


I am passionate about

I love to fight for the causes I belive in. That is why I am an activist in my city.
I like to live in countercurrent, as the colombian philosopher Fernando Gonzalez teached me through his books: asking difficult quetions to myself, to the world, and looking for responses to them... in that way to get a new understanding of reallity. Proposals, networks and particularly symbolic actions in which I have been involved regarding activism, are on the one side the complement of a thinking process that must be shared, and on the other one they are excuses to make visible some problems and chanllenges in my city and my country that have to be thought and faced by all society.


I have been working for 4 years on an activist network in Medellin. We have boost conversations in the city regarding sustainable urban developement, coexistence, security, peace, air cuality, mobility, etc. through public debates in parks (LUNES DE CIUDAD), symbolic actions and a the support lot of allied organizations. In that way we have get a huge impact on public opinion, and we have opened up spaces for conversation with local government, focused on formulation and implementation of public politics.