Daniel Duque-Velásquez

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  • Lawyer

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Paz A La Calle, Antioquia

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Human rights
Public policy

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Human Rights
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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Last year was pretty important for Colombia, we had a peace negotiation with FARC rebels. I'm sure we are part of a new generation who has the responsibility of building a new country. I was part of a social movement that supported the process and demanded a political solution for our armed conflict. I led a large youth movement to lobby for the Colombian peace agreement, organizing marches and symbolic collective action. For this I was elected as one of the Colombian youth leaders to travel to Cuba where the negotiations were taking place and speak on behalf of the process in Congress. I also was part of team that led a nation-wide anti-corruption petition that achieved 4.3 million signatures, the largest citizen-driven petition in Colombian history. I've been participating in different political campaigns since 2010 in order to change the traditional politicians. I have also been an activist in Medellin in defense of various causes of public interest. For example, defending urban public spaces for building citizenship culture, mobilising public opinion around the problem associated with pollution and quality of air in the city, and recently against the very sad rise in youth assassinations in marginal areas of the city. I was also a university youth leader and elected student representative in the University's Directive Council. As representative I organised and led various campaigns to promote the peace process, and a culture of pluralism and integrity with the University.