Sebastián Lanz Sánchez

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  • Universidad de los Andes
  • Aspirante al pregrado en Antropología y Derecho

Current organisation

Temblores ONG

Current role

Director del Observatorio de las Transiciones y del Posconflicto

Skills and Expertise

LGBT rights

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict
Youth Unemployment

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My name is Sebastian Lanz. I am the co-founder of Temblores NGO, where I am responsible of directing the Transitional and Post-conflict Observatory. Temblores NGO is a non-profit community-based organization that works promoting human rights for LGBTIQ people, sex workers, transgender victims of the Colombian Armed Conflict, victims of sexual exploitation within the Colombian Armed Conflict, imprisoned people of colour, drug users who live in the streets, among many other street-connected and marginalized communities. My work at the Transitional and Post-Conflict Observatory is deeply rooted in promoting social and legal strategies to ensure the right to the city to the people who have been victims of forced displacement during the armed conflict. I am currently leading a community-based project called The Demilitarisation of our Daily Lives (La Desmilitarización de la Vida Diaria, in Spanish) that aims to combat human rights related violations while promoting (in both academic and community scales) peace building strategies for reconciliation between dis-armed groups and the victims of the age of violence that Colombia faced for more than 50 years. I have been long active in coordinating partipatory action-research projects and advocacy strategies to protect and empower victims of the Colombian Armed Conflict in their access to social and economic justice, as well as basic human rights. Within that framework, I would like to enhance the strategic litigation process I conducted to guarantee 50 women who were victims of the Colombian Armed Conflict could access to justice and be repaired by the Colombian Government, as well as the community-based project I conducted to promote harm reduction social strategies for drug users who live in the streets of Bogotá.


I have been working for a number of years promoting human rights for sex workers, victims of the Colombian Armed Conflict, drug users and street-connected communities. Before founding Temblores, I worked together at PARCES NGO for several years leading the Participatory Training for Trainers Centre to create spaces of self-empowerment to propel other young people from poverty backgrounds toward social-justice oriented research careers. My work at PARCES depended on the constant search for opportunities to generate capacity in young participatory researchers, both in University-based and community-based spaces. During the past five years I have worked fighting against social injustices, discrimination, social exclusion and human rights violations alongside the communities mentioned above. I define my work as strategic and critical activism for social justice and myself as an LGBTIQ peace builder activist: my approach triangulates the production of critic academic evidence, a multidisciplinary framework that allows me to combine artistic, legal and social strategies to catalyse top-down social transformations and the understanding of the need to employ an intersectional method propel social change with the communities I work with. Moreover, at Temblores NGO we constantly promote a unique approach to collective leadership because we encourage horizontal alliances between academia, communities, other action organisations and policy makers.