Sebastián Lanz Sánchez

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  • Universidad de los Andes
  • Aspirante al pregrado en Antropología y Derecho

Current organisation

Temblores ONG

Current role

Director del Observatorio de las Transiciones y del Posconflicto

Skills and Expertise

LGBT rights

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict
Youth Unemployment

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I have been working for a number of years promoting human rights for sex workers, victims of the Colombian Armed Conflict, drug users and street-connected communities. Before founding Temblores, I worked together at PARCES NGO for several years leading the Participatory Training for Trainers Centre to create spaces of self-empowerment to propel other young people from poverty backgrounds toward social-justice oriented research careers. My work at PARCES depended on the constant search for opportunities to generate capacity in young participatory researchers, both in University-based and community-based spaces. During the past five years I have worked fighting against social injustices, discrimination, social exclusion and human rights violations alongside the communities mentioned above. I define my work as strategic and critical activism for social justice and myself as an LGBTIQ peace builder activist: my approach triangulates the production of critic academic evidence, a multidisciplinary framework that allows me to combine artistic, legal and social strategies to catalyse top-down social transformations and the understanding of the need to employ an intersectional method propel social change with the communities I work with. Moreover, at Temblores NGO we constantly promote a unique approach to collective leadership because we encourage horizontal alliances between academia, communities, other action organisations and policy makers.