Kamillah Knight

Country representing

United States




  • Cornell University
  • BA Economics '13; BA Sociology '13; Spanish Minor; MPA Environmental Finance and Sustainability '15

Current organisation


Current role

Associate Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Skills and Expertise

Community management
Data analysis
Public policy
Resource management
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I recently spearheaded an initiative at Unilever which allows underserved high school students to come to Unilever over five weeks engaging in a case study. The case study exposes the students to the different functions of the business while facilitating and preparing them for the environment that the they will endure while in college and in their future work spaces. The students had the chance to listen to VP’s, directors, and senior managers talk about their experiences while networking with them. The program also aimed to teach students about the sustainability initiatives that Unilever is engaged in both internally and externally. The goal of this was to hopefully prompt their thoughts around how easy it is to take steps to be more sustainable and how companies like Unilever are aiding it along. This has helped to strengthen the relationship that Unilever has in the community, to develop leaders that will benefit the environment and company, and to educate students in the sustainability space. I also am a leader in the Business Resource Group, Enactus, which partners with college students to support their sustainability projects. Over the past two years I have helped to expand the scope of the student projects to look at several of the global goals including GG#2: Zero Hunger, GG#3: Good Health and Well- being, GG#11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and GG#12: Responsible Production and Consumption, by redeveloping the Unilever Bright Future Project Accelerator (UBFPA) brief. The UBFPA brief recently won an award at the Network and Affinity Leadership Congress in New Jersey earlier this year. The student projects positively impact people all over the US and improve their livelihoods. Outside of the office I am involved in several educational boards and volunteer initiatives within my community. I work with local municipalities to develop community gardens and educational centers in addition to participating in community clean ups.