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Felipe Calvo Cepeda

Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Data Analysis
Information Technology
Social Entrepreneurship

I am passionate about

There is a crucial moment in my life: start my undergrad in engineering. It was crucial for being a door for professional education but also for a self-awareness regarding inequities in my country. Every year nerly 500k-600k bachelors graduate from school but just 50% can access to higher education and 25% of them finally finish. There is a persistent challenge regarding access and permanence in education, and if you end your studies getting a job its quite hard.

According to OECD, in my country Colombia there's a 12-generation divide for getting out of poverty, so I strongly promote education as a driver for shortening that divide.

That is how my awareness and education have taken me to a path of social entrepreneurship and fight for sustainability. Furthermore, I strongly believe in the co-culture to transform realities and solve raising challenges (not just for geting out of poverty and have a better education): co-create, communicate, collaborate, co-evolve.

There is a lot to be done and there is a generation that what to act. I'm part of that generation.


A passionate and persistent collaborative work in education and peace building initiatives with young leaders in Bogotá, among others:

+ Co-founded Aspirantes.ORG Foundation (2010-today)
+ Co-founded LideraElCambio Foundation (2018-today)
+ Co-founded Bogotá Google Business Group (2012-2014)
+ Activism for peace (2014-today)
+ Political activism (2014-today)
+ Helping Latam users in Google Product Forums (2010-today)
+ Academic research in digital divide (2018) and full school day (2019)