Andrew Lee

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United Kingdom

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Human Rights
Interfaith Dialogue
Peace and Conflict
Youth Unemployment

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Aside from my day-to-day role in my firm, I have volunteered to support its corporate responsibility initiatives. For example, I mentored four students from Clapton Girls’ Academy in Hackney, East London. They were 14 to 15-years-old, heavily focusing on their GCSEs. As I grew up in a similar neighbourhood, which was renowned for its negative media coverage, I felt encouraged to support them throughout a crucial period of life. We reviewed methods to accommodate studying, such as time management and building confidence. Furthermore, we discussed what opportunities in further education and work are available, emphasising that they should not feel limited because of their socioeconomic background. Additionally, I mentored two younger students, aged 12, on separate occasions, to help them settle in Northumberland Park School in Tottenham, North London, following their move from primary school. The weekly sessions I prepared for them were mainly tailored to communicate more effectively with their new teachers and build new friendships. I also set them weekly targets, which varied from completing homework on time to getting to sleep early. Elsewhere in my firm, I am also a co-chair of the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Network, which aims to help embrace diversity to create a more inclusive working environment. Additionally, I regard the network to inspire the firm to recruit, retain and promote the best people regardless of their ethnic background.