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Everyone has a right to fair treatment and equality. There is nothing more gratifying than helping others and creating new relationships. Sharing knowledge and cultural spaces help create a possitive social impact and tear down the barrier that society creates to distance social classes. Everyone has a story to tell and a lesson to teach, I am very passionate about connecting and sharing knowledge to help personal and professional growth.


Coming from an English Native Speaking country and living in a Spanish speaking country, I find the necessity to help others speak a second language. I hold English breaks in my working area to help promote bilingualism. I also usually attend conversation groups in the evening which include students from all different social classes from different parts of the city and help them practice english. I have my own Beer Brewing project which is also a way to connect and reach others though music (the beer changes according to music genre). This project creates a somewhat personalized beer to which the public can relate. In the point of sale, I like to enfasize on the style and type of beer so that the consumer can have a different and healthier choice of beverage as opposed to typical spirits sold in Colombia. This also creates a learning environment and sometimes pulls craftbeer projects all together.