Meron Yemane Semedar

Country representing





  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Civil Engineering)
  • University of Pretoria (Transportation Planning)

Current organisation

Refugee Leads, Lead Eritrea, Bay Area Eritreans for Democratic Change(BAEDC),

Current role

Refugee Resettlement Volunteer, Migrant Advocate, Author and Student

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

Website & Social Links

I am passionate about


-I have founded an initiative called "Lead Eritrea " to empower youth by assisting them attend and represent Eritrea in an international events, educate Eritreans by giving a presentation in different corners and also act as a catalyst for the struggle towards democratizing Eritrea. Lead Eritrea invites professionals to educate people on different areas. It is also a platform for older generation to pass their knowledge to the younger generation. Also I set up essay competition to mobilize, engage and educate as many as young people on topics that matters to my country's issues.

I advocate for migrants all both local and international events. In the Bay Area, I speak at different events to address the migrants/refugee situations and how we can make it better. I also publish articles at both the One Young World blog and Huffington Post to address the migrant crisis and how we can create a prevention mechanism rather than just protection. Recently I have created an initiative called "Refugee Leads" (Today's Refugee Tomorrow's Leaders Through Education) to combat the stigma that is labeled to refugee

-I run full and half marathon for the cause of my country- thereby to pass a message, to inspire other young men and women.

-I attend and pass the message of the younger generation by attending events that addresses my country and topics that relate to Africa's development. -I have attended and contributed on the discussion of the Millennium Development Goals(MDG) post 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and on a live dialogue with former Secretary General of the United Nations.

-During key dates I initiate and lead discussion sessions among Eritrean youth that address how to end Human Rights violation, build democracy, freedom.

-By airing in a number of African and Eritrean radio station I inspire, teach and advocate for youth.