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<p>Social. Creative. Enterprise- put these words together and a whole world of opportunity awakens! As an upcoming film producer, actor and social entrepreneur- my heart ignites at the intersection of the humanities, entertainment and enterprise. My vision is to see global media (film, news, music etc.) used as a tool to positively empower people all across the world. When the power of entertainment is combined with education and business -social issues can effectively be addressed. Being part of this vision is what makes me tick. Selected as one of South Africa's Brightest Young Minds in 2010, one of the first selected proteges for The Chosen Leading CEO Council and a member of the International Golden Key Academic Honorary Society I am adamant to reach my full potential as a leader to impact the lives of those around me. I have had the privilege of experiencing the stark contrast of the global human condition- on the one end rubbing shoulders with some of Hollywood's best; on the other working in the most impoverished parts of Africa and India. This world is a broken place- we need to build it with every brick we can find. I plan to build...</p>


<p>Media with meaning: As a filmmaker I've been drawn to creating projects that not only have entertainment value but a development focus. Two of my recent projects include: Producing the Roads Enterprise Development Program commercial campaign - a skills development initiative in the rural areas of South Africa training people to become successful road contractors and managers. It is transforming poverty stricken lives and giving them tools to create their own future. Organising and working on the Nakanjani (meaning create/be the change) social awareness commercial series (which deals with the harsh realities of HIV, unemployment and poverty) is also very rewarding. It is empowering people to create change and getting assistance from the Love Life organisation. Inspiration through Education: I'm currently actively involved with youth leadership development across South Africa as a motivational speaker, camp facilitator and initiator with various schools/universities. Access to an education is vital. One of my previous initiatives was the BM Powered Project in Kayamandi Township near Cape Town. In a nutshell the initiative included teaching, feeding schemes, sport workshops and gardening projects. I have also had the privilege of doing social development work and assisting local churches in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and India.</p>