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Youth Unemployment

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Innovation, investing in young people, critical thinking, resourcefulness, working to our collective strengths despite origin, religion or race. I am passionate about the power of young people to find lasting, exciting, simple and ground breaking solutions to the issues of our world.

When I think about all of the problems of the world, in my mind the root of them is always that the collective consiousness of humankind does not match the possibility we have to make this world as good as it can be. If we continue to operate under systems and modes of thinking that were designed to govern the past, it limits our ability to move with the changing powers, populations and technological and scientific progressions of our rapidly changing world. 

Small minded, back dated thinking can no longer serve the be the lowest common denominator if we are to move forward. My passion is improving the mental state of the world- for people the world over the reach a new global consiousness made of reason and reslilience and sustaibable, fair progress. I don't believe it is impossible to make a world that is right for everyone, I just don't think we have found the right way yet or that human kind is at the right plain of thinking for the big changes to happen on a global scale. The more people that are open to exploring new ways for the world to work in the future, one by one, the better our chances will be of making social change and progression not just a sector but a phase of transition that everyone is on the same page about and everyone supports. How this has to happen is person to person, truly local discussions started by young people who have been encouraged to make positive change in their communities.

Change sparked locally and grown laterally the world over.




2014- Travel, new horizons, new business development and implementation. Further details to follow :D

2011-2013- National Community Director, Live Below the Line campaign (www.livebelowtheline.com.au, www.oaktree.com)

Contract Associate- MoHow (www.mohow.com.au)

Contract Associate- Omni International (www.omni-consulting.com.au)

Rotary sponsored place at the Rotary International Peace Conference at Hiroshima, Japan.

2010- Ambassador, Make Poverty History Road Trip.

Australian Youth Forum Steering Committee (2 terms)

2005-2010- Young carer of two siblings, various volunteering roles at youth organisations in my home state of Tasmania.