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Everything in this world is connected to energy; it is like water to us and we cannot live without it and nobody should. Energy and the lack of it, is one of the most important global issues we need to tackle and something I am extremely passionate about in making a change. I believe that energy and having the access to it, should be a basic right to everyone and thus, every day, I thrive to make this happen. Energy is the enabler: it enables to bring education and health care services to the most rural areas, enables to create clean water, enables to provide rescue services, etc. However, as we all know climate change is a major problem and affects all of us around the world in different ways, such as the changes in the weather that we all have been witnessing. So in order to reduce the number of people living without electricity, we need to look into green solutions as in the end, the future of energy is in the generation of energy from renewable sources. If (and when) we can tackle our energy problems and ensure the same opportunities and access to energy to everyone everywhere, we can only then tackle the other major global problems, such as lack of access to education. Coming from Finland, hailed as the country with best education in the world, I have witnessed and seen how important part education plays in the country’s well being and governance. It is utmost important to educate people as the most important investment we can ever do is to invest into ourselves. However, in order to do this, we need to be able to provide skills and knowledge that are not outdated and takes into account the future (i.e. technology skills like coding). The best way to make a change, is to provide the right tools for everyone to learn and study, and this is something I strongly believe in: teaching someone how to fish, how to make a living rather than simply providing them food for the day. Only way to do this, is through supporting access to education.


I am one of the co-founders of Tespack and our vision is to make everyone energy independent, the masters of their own energy needs. I am proud to say that with Tespack, I have had the chance to work with amazing organisations, companies and NGOs in supporting their missions and projects, especially in the field of education. We started with mobile school project where we empower teachers and students in rural regions and provide them the right tools and means to create their own energy from the sun and power all their devices, such as lights, phones and projectors. Together with Saura Mandala in India, we have powered a school of over 450 students and teachers, and with Save the Children, we have had the pleasure to support their crisis workers and their mission in helping children in Sudan by powering them. On my free time, I believe in giving back and thus I provide mentoring and workshops for youth and aspiring entrepreneurs. I have been co-organising events, such as Women in Tech conference in Valencia, and Women in Tech Forum in Lima, Peru among others, and I support women in getting into tech careers through providing advice and mentoring. I was awarded as one of the top youth entrepreneurs globally in 2017 for my work towards youth social inclusion and I was shortlisted by Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe as one of the disuptors in tech industry category. I work with governmental agencies and believe in sustainable future and thus advocate for greener solutions.