Achaleke Leke

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  • University of Birmingham, UK
  • MSc International Development(Conflict Security and Development )

Current organisation

Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

Current role

Pan-Commonwealth Coordinator (Global)

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Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict

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I am making impact in my community through civic actions which I have been engaged in since 2007. My actions span from activities both in Cameroon i as National Coordinator of local youth corner Cameroon and Cameroon youth ambassador to the commonwealth as well as globally as Global Coordinator of the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network and member of the UN Inter Agency Working Group on youth and peace building as well as other global networks on peace. Within these years, I have had the opportunity to execute and co-organised over 200 youth development projects in Cameroon and abroad, as well as served as expert and trainer in over 100 events in Cameroon and abroad. In my work, I am focused in eight major areas; capacity building and skills development, advocacy, sensitisation, mentorship, and policy development, academic and non-academic writing. In field of capacity and skills building, my team and I at Local Youth Corner have developed curriculum and provide training for young people, and government officials. One of such programmes includes building creative skills of young violent offenders in prison facilities. So far, this project has impacted over 500 young people in prison and correctional facilities in Cameroon. As the project is on going, it has the capacity of impacting over 1000 young people in prison facilities. This project contributes in the rehabilitation and reintegration of violent and violent extremist offenders including some Youths who had been recruited by Boko Haram through providing alternative skills to violence. Similarly, at the global level, as Global Coordinator of the Commonwealth Youth peace ambassadors network, I co-organised a training of youth peace builders in London, in collaboration with the Council of Europe and the Commonwealth Counter Violent Extremism Unit. This training focus on combating Hate Speech and preventing violent extremism across the commonwealth.