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Determined to alter the status quo regarding sustainable development, I am currently devoting my efforts to capacity-building in the build-up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit. I am thus exploiting the platform provided by the UNCSD Major Group of Children and Youth to carry out a world-wide initiative to inform and inspire young people to have their say, including 5 million youth without access to internet. This initiative has been joined by over 200 volunteers so far, and I am excited by the outcomes which can be achieved by the far-reaching impact of this initiative, not least because this is the basis for a long-term project. In line with these efforts, I am collaborating with the OYW Environment Ambassador, Karuna Rana, for the Wake Up Call Mauritius, through which I am aiming to consolidate the participation of Mauritian youth at Rio. Being from a Small Island Developing State, I believe that sustainability is crucial and will therefore take the WUC beyond 21.2.12, in order to create a movement for sustainability for youth. Moreover, after completing the Hunger and Agriculture Griot Project with the WFP/One, I have a particular interest in combatting hunger through advocacy and the promotion of agriculture as a green economy venture to youth.