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People! The diversity of people amazes me and inspires me, not least because I believe every single person is capable of doing great things. I am determined to eradicate the two obstacles to this: inequality, or, on the other hand of the spectrum, apathy. Coordinating a street-support project for the homeless people in Manchester alerted me to the stark realities of (in)equality, and dignity, pushing me even more to reach out to people and campaign for inclusiveness . My experience as a young person from a Small Island Developing State has strongly defined my obsession with sustainable development. For me, sustainability has everything to do with survival, a belief which fuels my activism efforts to implicate youth into caring, and acting, for the world they live in. Co-founding the Francophone Society in my first year of university proved to me how important it was not only to foster links with people in order to generate positive change, but to provide a firm structure for them to share ideas and thus reinforce mutual understanding. I adhere to this quote by John Kennedy: One person can make a difference and everyone should try. This truth guides my actions, not only by pushing me to make a difference, but also, by motivating me to encourage others to do so too.


Determined to alter the status quo regarding sustainable development, I am currently devoting my efforts to capacity-building in the build-up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit. I am thus exploiting the platform provided by the UNCSD Major Group of Children and Youth to carry out a world-wide initiative to inform and inspire young people to have their say, including 5 million youth without access to internet. This initiative has been joined by over 200 volunteers so far, and I am excited by the outcomes which can be achieved by the far-reaching impact of this initiative, not least because this is the basis for a long-term project. In line with these efforts, I am collaborating with the OYW Environment Ambassador, Karuna Rana, for the Wake Up Call Mauritius, through which I am aiming to consolidate the participation of Mauritian youth at Rio. Being from a Small Island Developing State, I believe that sustainability is crucial and will therefore take the WUC beyond 21.2.12, in order to create a movement for sustainability for youth. Moreover, after completing the Hunger and Agriculture Griot Project with the WFP/One, I have a particular interest in combatting hunger through advocacy and the promotion of agriculture as a green economy venture to youth.