Brighton Kaoma

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  • University of Cambridge, University of Zambia and University of Delaware
  • BA Environmental Education
  • Civic leadership, Community organising and organisation development

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Agents of Change Foundation & KIDS FM

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Executice Director

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Social entrepreneurship

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I grew up in the Zambian city of Kitwe. A lot happened there that made me aware of environmental problems at a young age. Several of our bridges were washed away by heavy floods. When we experienced droughts, I had to walk an extra mile to fetch water. And I got frequent respiratory infections due to toxic emissions from nearby copper mines. When I was 14, I had an idea. Everyone listens to the radio in Zambia; often people turn it on just to hear the time announced. Why not use Kitwe’s airwaves to educate my community about the environment? I went to a local station and shared what I wanted to do. They gave me a time slot and began training me for free, and within a few weeks I was running a program called Environmental Watch. Tons of residents started tuning in to learn about the environmental problems affecting Zambia—from climate change to deforestation to pollution—and how they could mitigate or adapt to such changes. I have a deep passion for climate action and sustainability and this is solely because of my experience growing up in a community afflicted with the brunt consequences of climate change and environmental degradation. I wish to see a world where young people become ethical leaders and are empathetic for the environment.


In 2015, I came to a sharp realization and moral sense of purpose which made me believe that when you give children the cutting-edge skills and tools to speak with confidence, you offer them a springboard to a world of broader opportunities. Their purview about life’s great possibilities is altered for the better. Base under this premise, I co-established a radio and leadership organization called Agents of Change. A formidable and reliable partner of UNICEF, DFID, Orbis Africa and the Children’s Radio Foundation of UK. At the age of 24, I serve as Executive Director of Agents of Change, UNICEF Climate Ambassador, Global Youth Ambassador of The UK based Children’s Radio Foundation, CEO of Zambia’s first ever KIDS FM Radio, Zambian Consultant for the Swedish Malmo City Council, and an Alumni of the University of Zambia, Cambridge University Institute for Continuing Education UK and the University of Delaware in the US. I recently co-founded a company called VANTAGE VR which uses virtual reality technology to humanise climate change experiences in a classroom in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the past 2 years, I have worked with the world’s greatest change-makers including Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, Former US President Barack Obama, Irish first female President Mary Robinson and I have given keynote addresses at Oxford University and New York University among others.