Benjamin Schriel

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  • The Hague University Of Applied Sciences
  • Yes

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Serial Entrepreneur

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Product design
Social entrepreneurship

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Sustainable Development

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I’m fascinated by exploring ways to make the impossible possible. Big changes, a new idea and global improvements, we as humans see many things as an impossible task. I believe that nothing is impossible, as long as we all keep trying. While I am in the middle of this journey I love to inspire and activate others to do so as well. Making a difference is starting small and locally, because if we all start with making a local impact, a global impact will be created together. One of my other greatest passions is helping others. When I was younger, I enjoyed spending hours to help my family and neighbours. As I became older, that habit grew with me and I expanded it into a social enterprise where we help and assist young entrepreneurs to help expanding their positive businesses.


In this rapidly changing world I believe that every human being should be able to make their dreams reality. However, young students do not always know how to reach these dreams due to their lack of network, knowledge and motivation. Recently I was triggered to change this and started my own social enterprise. Together with other driven co-founders we share our network by an online community, share knowledge and motivation through ambassadors and proven mentors and support and assist young entrepreneurs by mentoring. In this way, we accelerate ideas and transform them to reality. I believe that the world is full of positivity and amazing ideas to build a better world, but only together we can achieve them. Network is key to achieve any goal in our life.