Luke Hart

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United Kingdom




  • University of Warwick
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering with Fluid Dynamics (1st)

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BP - Digital Innovation Organisation

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Technology Associate

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Human Rights

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I’m moved by efforts to reduce gender inequality which highlight the true impact of distorted gender views. One shining example by a One Young World Ambassador is the volunteer organisation SheSays which works to educate women on their rights and build support networks for those affected by violence, while also elevating public awareness of these issues. I believe that in order to address the UN's Sustainable Development Goals the key barrier to overcome is the mass discrimination and structural disadvantages that women suffer from. Gender equality is a necessary prerequisite before the economic goals and peace can be achieved. Even in the UK it is estimated that one in four women will experience domestic abuse in their lives. In fact, it is estimated that nine times more deaths are incurred from violence between individuals than from war. The global cost of domestic abuse is estimated at $8 trillion/year - the equivalent of half the GDP of the USA. This demonstrates that even in simple economic terms domestic abuse is a huge cost on the global economy. This doesn't even begin to describe the trauma and subjective pain it causes its enormous amount of victims. Put frankly, gender violence is the greatest war this planet is facing. It must be overcome as a first step in order to achieve both peace and prosperity.


Within the community I am active in raising awareness of and addressing societal issues leading to domestic abuse and domestic homicide. I grew up with domestic abuse and just under 2 years ago my brother and I raised enough money to move our mother and sister from our family home. A few days later our father shot our mother and sister before killing himself. My brother and I have raised issues with how the media report on male violence towards women. We have performed a televised interview with the BBC and have told our story in written form through the BBC, Guardian and many other institutions. We have been active in raising the skills of our national services in addressing domestic abuse. We work heavily with Surrey police creating materials to raise awareness and deliver training to police officers and the Crown Prosecution Service on coercive control and domestic abuse. We have also spoken at an NHS event in a similar capacity and will be speaking in Dublin at the Safe World Summit. We work closely with many charities such as Refuge and Women’s Aid, assisting in fund raising, awareness campaigns and delivering speeches. I have been invited to be a trustee on the board a Surrey domestic abuse charity and look forward to contributing my skills to their management. Finally, we are looking to create deeper change by demonstrating positive male role models to younger boys through the Being Mankind project and through our work as White Ribbon Ambassadors speaking out against male violence towards women. We have written a book on our experiences, challenging myths surrounding domestic abuse and encouraging others to speak up; we hope to publish this late 2018.