Johnmary Kavuma

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  • Social Innovation academy
  • Business development
  • Non-Violent communication, computer skills

Current organisation

Upcycle Africa and Kimuli Fashionability

Current role

Founder and CEO

Skills and Expertise

Climate change

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I am passionate about

I am passionate about changing people’s lives and saving the environment. I have declared a war on plastic in Uganda, Africa and world at large that’s why I founded Upcycle Africa and Kimuli Fashionability with the desire to uplift the lives of people in my home country starting from one community to another. I have committed myself to change the mindset that most people are having towards plastic waste, I believe through sensitization and training of youth upcycling skills we can create a bright green future for our future generation. This is the work I have been engaged with and I hope through networking and learning from other I can make the world a better place to marginalized groups of people as well as saving the planet.


I founded Upcycle Africa with an idea of providing affordable artistic and durable houses to law income earners while training marginalized youth the skills of constructing using bottles as a way of eliminating and reducing plastic waste accumulation in both rural and urban areas. And saying good bye to poverty amongst fellow youths in Uganda. Through our sensitization programs in communities we instill innovative mind-set to the youth and so far empowered 1000+ with the critical thinking that has enhanced innovativeness beyond constructing using bottles rather seeing plastic waste as a resource. We also support upcycling initiative in Uganda encouraging them to start small and grow big. Upcycle Africa has upcycled over 1000000 plastic bottles, inspired 100 marginalized youth while training them the skills of upcycling. Through our social media and online platforms we have reached over 2000000 people while breaking the stereotypes people have towards plastic waste, starting with our neighboring communities we have successfully changed the behavior and peoples mindset about plastic waste. We hope to change one life then after another through advocacy and training communities waste management skills (upcycling). In addition I am also a co-founder Kimuli Fashionability a Social Business which unchain the potentials of person with disabilities from the barriers of societal exclusion while training them the skills upcycling to transforme plastic waste into finished garments and accessories, we have so far trained 35 persons with disabilities who are now self-sustainable and upcycle over 4000 products.