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Ismael Essome Ebone

Institute of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at Yabassi

I am passionate about

I come from a coastal region where communities’ main activities are fishing, farming and tourism; while growing i have seen this business collapse due to pollution by plastic waste and people dying of poverty. So when teenager i developed this passion for the protection of nature. I become engineer in environment and aquatic ecosystems management. After two years of internship with the Zoologica Society of London an international NGO working in Cameroon, I founded Madiba & Nature in 2016 and work with passionate friends of innovations and ITECH, Arts and Renewable energies to develop another form of business that will contribute to a better environment welfare while creating jobs into the community.
This is why i'm a passionate of the nature protection and I strongly believe that promoting the circular economy and Ecotourism is an encouraging factor for sustainable development in Africa.


The research program on ecological recycling methods of plastic waste, with already "ECOBOAT" manufactured for support fishing and Ecotourism, inspired new economic activities in the Londji village.
A first plastic waste management system based entirely on local communities is being tested at the moment; it consists in boosting an independent network of mobile collectors coordinated by Madiba & Nature and which sorts and collects plastic bottles in households and the urban environment. The current network has a little more than twenty (20) collectors
An environmental education program has been launched with a module of coaching young students and engineer for personal development and entrepreneurship in the fields of green business (it currently has nine (09) members with the key coaching a start-up project in the recycling of organic waste from an incubated group. In addition a real exchange and sharing of experience through participation in international events is included in our activities with participation from 01 to 14 October 2017 at the festival of contemporary art of the grigri pixel edition of 2017 in Madrid
The project to promote ecotourism with the key to the valuation of Ecoboat in fishing and especially local tourism to revitalize the economy of the fishing village of Londji. The first eco-beach model is in the South of Cameroon.
- A fifth result since the creation of Madiba & Nature has been the scientific study of the ecological monitoring of the Coastal Coast between the beach of South and South - West Cameroon on the characterization of solid waste pollution; The following results were obtained after six months of study from February to July 2017.