Radhika Batra

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  • Santosh Medical College, Ghazaibad UP India
  • MBBS

Current organisation

Every Infant Matters

Current role

President & Founder

Skills and Expertise

Community management

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about children. Children are the future of society and of the country. Every child deserves health and education. It’s a shame that millions of children worldwide are doomed to go blind because of preventable cause, Vitamin A deficiency. Amongst marginalised children dietary deficiency is a rampant. Worm infestation further leads to loss of nutrients. My NGO Every Infant Matters, is engaged with children from slums of India, and my team of dedicated volunteers addresses all above issues. We give free vitamin A supplementation to children below five years, we give advice on breastfeeding, and we give treatment for worm infestation to improve health. A healthy child will go to school, get educated and grow up into a responsible citizen. Preventable blindness is the biggest cause of lack of education, stigma and poverty. My NGO will a give healthy future to every child it effects, and I want to touch millions of lives. I believe that providing access to health care is one of the biggest challenges worldwide, and this must be overcome. All over the world, governments have made huge health infrastructures. Unfortunately, last mile connectivity is missing. This is true in developing countries, but also in developed countries where there are many social groups that are marginalized, such as the Romas of Europe or indigenous people. An example for this is vaccination. In spite of India's universal immunization program, less than 43% of the children are fully vaccinated. One of the biggest issues is adherence. Women are unaware of free vaccines and their benefits, and there is no one to help. They are intimidated by public hospitals. Time and money is spent in commuting. All this results in poor vaccine uptake. I am passionate about providing health facilities at grassroot level, so no one has to miss work and wages to get health benefits. I believe that front line local health workers can be trained to carry out all health related activities.