James Chege

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  • Strathmore University
  • Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Current organisation

Usalama Technology Limited

Current role

Co-founder and Marketing Director

Skills and Expertise

Computer coding
Information technology
Web development

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I am passionate about

I am most passionate about access to fundamental rights and services like healthcare and security. We live in a world full of inequality and disparity when it comes to accessing basic resources that are necessary to live a fulfilling life. In Kenya alone, about 42% of the population live below the poverty line. This means that roughly 18 million Kenyans are constrained and limited in one way or the other, from living quality and fulfilling lives. The statistics are more worrying as you look at the greater African continent. This leads to lack of access to basic resources such as proper healthcare, food, shelter and security which are the greatest impediment to our growth as Africans. I passionately believe that these basic and fundamental rights are inherent to all human beings and that it is our responsibility to ensure that we collectively achieve a world where fundamental opportunities are universally accessible to all. I also am passionate about the impact that innovation and technology has had in creating and increasing access to opportunities. As a citizen of Kenya, Africa and the world, I believe that the convergence of innovation and technology will ultimately prove to be the key towards eradicating poverty and lack of access to fundamental rights and opportunities. I am committed to using technology to create innovative solutions which impact lives by bringing access to fundamental rights like healthcare and security to as many people as possible. I believe that prosperity and growth lies in the number of opportunities that are granted to those without access.


I am currently a co-founder of Usalama Technology Limited. Our flagship product is the Usalama platform which is a mobile based platform that connects users and emergency service providers (ambulance, security, police, road-side assistance and gender based violence) in a quick and efficient manner, utilizing real-time user data, and an integrated web-based back-end portal. We extend the reach of emergency service providers (non-profit and for-profit) by providing an efficient way to reach provider subscribers and application end users. We leverage on mobile technology to accurately link victims of emergencies to emergency service providers, community health volunteers and medical care. We currently have reached more than 10,000 people in over 15 different countries and brought access to these resources to the touch of a button for them while linking them to meaningful help. Our goal is to become a technology and innovation leader in the healthcare and emergency fields and each passing day I strive at attaining this.