Abdelhamid Idrissi

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  • HAN
  • Bachelor of Built Environment

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Founder Studiezalen, CEO Positive Society

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We create opportunities for the less fortunate in society. Positive society offers safe and cozy studyspaces to young people from deprived areas. Every week 600 youngster come together to make use of these spaces. The youngsters come from deprived areas and poor families. We try to help these youngsters by giving them guidance in their school career and offer them spaces where they can come together, get lifecoaching from our professional coaches and just simply be there for each other and share their stories. These youngsters come from big families where they don’t get much attention and where parents due to their poor background are not actively involved in the community and therefore not involved in the upbringing of their children. We often get to here the daily struggles that these youngsters have to go through. We try to make them believe in their strengths and qualities and teach them how to believe in themselves. It is our vision to be innovative and our innovative way of work results in a strong Foundation for young people, professionals and civil servants of Amsterdam.