Paula Ockeloen

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  • Avans School of International Studies
  • Bachelor

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Current role

Contract manager & Business analyst

Skills and Expertise

Climate change
Data analysis
Project management

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development

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I try to live by the rule 'lead by example'. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself; with regards to work, but also very much with regards to sports. I ran from both France and Germany to the Netherlands and cycled from Italy to the Netherlands for charity. Apart from personal sponsoring, I organised a large charity diner and various other initiatives to raise as many funds as possible. Additionally, as a member of the Young Boskalis board, I try to have a positive influence on the organization I work in and more importantly the people that work there. Together with a team of colleagues, I organised a large internal CSR event, which was a great succes. Furthermore, I am one of the driving forces behind a project called 'Building Bridges', which aims to create a constructive dialogue between senior management and the young generation to help solve the issues they're facing. I have experienced that your circle of influence is a lot bigger than you think and that everybody can have a positive impact, how big or small it may seem.