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Spandana Palaypu

Aberystwyth University

I am passionate about

Sustainable job creation at fair wages and reducing inequalities by creating greater awareness and exposure among job seekers in the blue collar segment. A blue-collar worker isn’t hired; the job is sold to the highest bidder. This is applicable to most migrant workers who go overseas in search of economic empowerment. Our society can’t stand on its own without the support of these workers, yet, they are treated like a commodity as a network of middle-men influence the hiring process, making it archaic and cumbersome. Being a people person, I have always pursued things that connected me to individuals from different walks of life. Originally coming from a state with high youth unemployment rates and a large outflow of migrant blue collar workers, I am well versed with the challenges of this sector and am determined to build a system that is more transparent, ethical and fair to both job seekers and employers. Via technology and modern hiring practices, we can solve big human issues, create real socio-economic impact, increase the overall Happiness Index and ensure greater productivity in this segment.


Each blue-collar worker is unique, with different skills and experience to offer. We need to move away from the traditional “one size fits all” model and help job seekers realize their potential by placing them based on skills and experience rather than job desperation, or judging them on factors such as age / gender. ZoEasy is dedicated to bringing a positive change to the blue-collar segment, with particular focus on improving youth employment and reducing gender bias. By removing middle-men from the equation, managing expectations and eliminating surprise factor, we actively engage and match potential job seekers with ideal employers (and vice versa) in a more transparent, accurate and ethical manner. With training, skills, psychometrics and experience being at the core of this hiring process, and via collaboration with different source country governments, we are able to educate job seekers and place them with best-fit employers who are rated based on thorough background checks, review and feedback mechanisms.