Charif Hamidi

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  • Park University
  • B.S. in International Business and Economics and B.A. in Finance and Finance Engineering

Current organisation

Ed4.0 (Education 4.0)

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Founder & CEO

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Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am an investment banker and corporate finance and strategy consultant turned social entrepreneur. My team and I are making an impact on our community everyday through our social enterprise, Ed4.0. Education 4.0 or Ed4.0 is an education innovation social enterprise that leverages technology to provide access to quality education to youth, and young girls in particular, in Africa and the Middle East in order to prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution labor markets. So far, we have impacted over 1200 children with our programs mainly in Morocco, the UAE, and Bosnia. We have worked with several governments and foundations to deliver innovative pedagogical programs that aims to develop youth foundational and cognitive competencies, creativity and innovation skills, and design and systems thinking. We worked with a GCC government to establish a youth program that prepares the top performing students for the fourth industrial revolution. We developed a framework designed to improve financial literacy for a GCC foundation for the benefit of their youth. And now we are wrapping up a project with a MENA ministry of education where we are supporting the development of an AI quality education predictive engine that determines school performance and student learning quality. We are also working with the Moroccan government on potentially institutionalizing one of our numeracy program that relies on edtech and differentiated adaptive learning for the benefit of K-6 children in rural areas. We are convinced that synergy is key to achieving our vision. “It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to quality education.” Mandela said it. And we will not rest until we prove him right.