Seye Odukogbe

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  • University of Oxford

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Cycle to Class

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Founder & CEO

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Civil engineering
Data analysis
Information technology
Social entrepreneurship

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Sustainable Development

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As the awareness of social mobility crisis in Britain increased, my unrelenting desire to effect socio-economic policies that affect underprivileged youths in the community propelled me to establish ‘Stay Focused’ in 2011. Stay Focused was dedicated to breaking down practical barriers to employability that stand in the way of talented young people. What spurred me into starting Stay Focused, was the “not for the likes of me” syndrome I encountered when meeting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. These young people did not lack aspiration but access, and I was determined to change that. I developed a bespoke programme with a team of qualified trainers graduates targeting socially excluded young people to help improve their personal, professional and academic skills. During my three years of running Stay Focused, I worked with over 500 young people across the UK; 90% of the young who participated in the program reported an increase in their self-confidence and aspiration. This is demonstrated by a particular female beneficiary from an inner-city London school, who as a result of the program went onto to gain employment at a global cosmetic brand. The said participant told me she almost missed out on her dream of working for a large corporation specialising in beauty because she didn’t know that it was possible for her to have a job in the beauty industry besides that of a hairdresser working for the minimum wage. Another beneficiary, a male student, was assisted in enrolling on A-Level courses suited to his interests and strengths, through our strength and weakness workshops, is now a data scientist with a leading company in London. These are just a few examples of how I have created positive change in impacts in my community and through my organisation.