Tamana Asey

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  • Kabul University of Medical Science
  • Medical Doctor (MD)

Current organisation

Afghanistan Forensic Science Organization

Current role

Medical expert/ program officer

Skills and Expertise

Human rights

Areas of interest

Human Rights

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I am passionate about

I am a medical doctor by profession. I have worked as a obstetrics-gyne resident in one of the best national maternity hospitals in Afghanistan. I enjoyed my job because I was helping women at most need in my country. During residency, I developed an interest in human rights and women’s eminency in it. After which I decided to work as a physician and human rights activist. I am currently working for a human rights organization and pursuing the dream to help women of my land attain their standings and rights according to international human rights regulations. I hope to see tangible changes in dignified encounter of women in Afghanistan that too in accordance to international human rights regulations.


As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I have helped hundreds of women in my country to live a healthy life and deliver a healthy one too. When it comes to advocacy, I have been a vocal advocate of women’s rights in banning virginity/ hymen testing in Afghanistan. As a trainer in explaining the lack of science behind hymen and anal examinations, I have trained more than hundreds of defense lawyers and legal aid providers. These changes are substantial ones in helping women achieve highest attainable human rights support.