Fatoumatta L Kassama

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  • Unversity of The Gambia
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Reproductive Health

Current organisation


Current role

Founder & Coordinator

Skills and Expertise

Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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To create positive changes and be innovative in my community, I initiated a Community Based Organization called Eye Care For All, where we provide free home-based and community eye care services for the less privileged such as orphans, refugees, people living with disabilities, the elderly and prisoners living in The Gambia. I was able to able to register the organization and recruit 30 active volunteers. Currently, I am implementing a nationwide project on Glaucoma eye disease funded by the US embassy in The Gambia. I sensitize community members on Glaucoma eye disease using community Bantaba settings, focus group discussions, community schools, and community radio stations. For those living with disabilities, I transcribe sensitization messages to braille and interpret them in sign language during sensitization programs. I also use dram spots and cultural songs produced by community local artists and women groups living in the communities for edutainment purposes. Partnering with a friend, we initiated a Not-For Profit Organization called Prospect For Girls where we empower women and girls through vocational skills training such as tailoring, driving, food services, photography, hairdressing, make -up and graphics design. We also empower them through health education on Non-Communicable Diseases and Sexual and Reproductive issues like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, sex education, menstrual hygiene, STIS and family planning services. This will help create job opportunities for young people as many of them will start a business and employ others after skills training. To contribute to the global sustainable development goals, and contribute to economic development, I started a small business called Girls’ Pride. I order reusable sanitary pads and sell them to the less privileged girls and women at affordable prices in my country. To provide my products in a different way, I offer free health education to my customers on menstrual hygiene issues.