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The topic that I am most passionate about is celebrating diversity and promoting LGBTQ rights. The reason behind it is: I live in China, although this country is a super power economically, in terms of LGBTQ rights, there are still a lot of space to develop. I came out to my parents about my homo-sexual orientation, and I am so lucky that my parents accept me. However, there are numerous non-straight people hiding in the dark cornor, their voices can not be heared. I want to share my coming-out story to engage more and more people to embrace themselves and being themselves.


As a marketer in COTY professional beauty China team, I successfully lead EIMI X Shanghai Pride project. ShanghaiPRIDE is one of China's largest and longest-running LGBTQ pride event. And this year, ShanghaiPRIDE has a 10th anniversary. The Coty brand, EIMI from Wella Professionals, is proud to celebrate Pride10 at the opening party at The Pearl on Saturday, June 9. EIMI style guests edge hair looks with its rainbow limited-edition products. Via leveraging brand power to make voices for equal love, non-straight group had been put in spotlight.