Angela Edward Gbeyetin

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Angela Edward

Missouri State University, Master of Social Work

I am passionate about

<p>If I had to say my most important passion it would be humanity. I love people. I love talking with people, listening to people, meeting people, etc... I think it is so important that we all love one another and I would say that without that it leaves very little happiness or value to life.</p>

<p>I am very passionate about youth, education, Micronesians,&nbsp;and diversity. I am also passionate about at-risk and/or underprivileged youth. My passion behind these topics all tie together. I&nbsp;am passionate&nbsp;about underprivileged and Micronesian youth completing higher education. I&nbsp;completed my Masters thesis on this topic. I interviewed Micronesian youth and found&nbsp;that Micronesian youth often hope to go to college&nbsp;and&nbsp;usually do not because of&nbsp;various reasons and barriers. I am also intrigued by the Achievement Gap that is happening in American Society and I would be interested in learning more about how Micronesians are being impacted by this disparity. I am very interested in finding ways in which I can positively impact my community and help others.</p>

Additionally, I'm very passionate about mental health. Suicide is rampant among Micronesians and is the second leader of death for teens. As someone who is passionate about Micronesians, youth, and both groups' futures, mental health is extremely important. I am currently a Clinical Social Worker and specialize in mental health diagnoses as I have an extensive amount of education and training tailored to this community need!


<p>I started Micronesians Empowered ( ) in 2013. Through this site you can purchase a product and part of the profits go toward scholarships for young Micronesians as lack of education is a social problem for the Micronesian population and research shows lack of money as being a barrier to obtaining education.</p>

<p>I worked for a School district in North Saint Paul creating programs. I worked in many different capacities that have included but is not limited to leading and creating a class 100% about Micronesian culture as well as taking youth to the capital to learn more about government and advocacy.</p>

<p>I have served as a Global Youth Ambassador for&nbsp; A World at School as well which is an organization that works, in collaboration with the United Nations, to create educational access to children all around the world. As an ambassador, I advocate and work as a liaison to my community to work on promoting this goal!</p>

I currently work as a clinical/elementary school as a Social Worker in Michigan and during the summers I work with vulnerable adults with mental health diagnoses on goal plans in Minnesota. I love working with all ages as it really permits me to make impacts on different populations. I do my best work 1:1.

My future endeavors are to start a private practice that works with youth on mental health needs. It is a goal to stretch out to the Micronesian community!