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  • University of Manchester
  • MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management

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Youth Ambassador

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Human rights
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Sustainable Development

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I have been an active leader for children and young people with disabilities and committed to supporting equality and rights for disabled people. This includes grass roots and local community level; policy and advocacy at both national and pan-commonwealth levels; advisory pan-commonwealth level and ambassador roles at a regional and global level. At grassroots level, I volunteered in Asia and Africa attended primary schools. I supported academic staff with the handling of multiple students that had special needs and required reasonable adjustments. I have been a member of the disability committee of my local council in Melbourne. These responsibilities empowered me to take it up a tier to policy and advocacy. At University, I became an advocate and a Student Rep, and represented disabled students and discussed how universities can improve their lives through accessibility of classrooms and campus, to increasing services that rounded the student curriculum and their career prospects. I was also an intern at the British Red Cross, and helped the regional and national mangers develop a project, Inspired Action, whose aim was to remove the barriers of volunteering for all young people (disabled and non-disabled). I was appointed as the lead advisory and served for two years advising the pre-successor of the Commonwealth Youth Council’s Vice Chairperson of Inclusion and Engagement. Together we collaborated on the successful I Am Able campaign. For my ongoing commitment and passion to supporting young people with disabilities, I participated in the first ever Commonwealth Youth Roundtable event during the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London this year. I became a key member and co-founder of championing the concept of the World Disability Children and Youth Forum. I was also invited to attend the Global Disability Summit and capture the voice of young people through developing the drafted Global Disability Children and Young Person’s Charter.