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Diabetes affects more than 450 million people today and its devastating complications kill about 5 million people worldwide each year, more than the number of deaths for HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria combined according to the International Diabetes Federation, IDF. One of the most common and damaging complications is the so-called Diabetic Foot, the largest cause of non-mechanical amputations on the planet, reaching at least 100 million people. Although the complications of diabetes are serious and costly, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney, and ophthalmologic problems, Diabetic Foot accounts for most. Between 40% and 70% of all lower extremity amputations are related to diabetes mellitus. In addition, several studies have shown that between 3 and 4% of patients with diabetes use 12 to 15% of healthcare resources, which shows the social and economic burden of this morbidity for the governments that need to invest more in this area. Today there is no effective treatment or procedure offered for patients suffering from diabetic foot problem. The current treatment in hospitals and clinics is merely palliative and aims to cushion the complications of the patient. Our team have the solution for diabetic foot and hard-to-heal wounds, offering the first technology developed exclusively to treat this burden. Today we have a high-end technology developed while some of our team members did research at Harvard and MIT labs about the applicability of photobiomodulation. We developed an embedded technology employing electromagnetic wavelengths that can give genetic commands to the tissue increasing the speed and capacity of healing and cicatrization by angiogenesis and diminishing the inflammatory process, while another wavelength is employed to eliminate microorganisms that would cause infections, such as multi-drug resistant bacteria. In association with this protocol can be used an exclusive gel that potentiates the healing capability of the tissue.