Amil Khanzada

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  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Current organisation

Eiheiji Town, Fukui

Current role

Evolution Ambassador

Skills and Expertise

Data analysis
Information technology
Software development
Teaching and training

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

Some time ago, I decided that the purpose of my life was to contribute at my highest capacity to society with the gifts given to me and that is what I am most passionate about. I must make only the best choices at each point in my life (although easier said than done). This way of thinking has allowed me to live my best life and also affect everybody around me in a good way! Admittedly, the best way I can help others is constantly changing, depending on the people around me, the new skills or resources I acquire, and the opportunities presented to me. I also love meeting new people, talking, and studying their lifestyles. Any country I go, you'll find me not at the sightseeing spots, but engaging in the daily life with locals, be it grocery shopping, home cooking, or festivals! Another major area I focus on is personal development. Every day, I am trying to learn something and become a better person. More humble, more kind, healthier, etc. I am always looking for the best in people, having many mentors and teachers, integrating the best of what they know into my character. This investment in my character is something that can never be taken away, not tied to money or resources... an investment that can be applied as long as I am human and anywhere in the world! Health (food, sleep, exercise, environment, mindset) is another key area I am passionate about, having studied nutrition, Yoga, several Martial Arts, acupressure, Chi Kung, and open to more! Finally, I must say that I do love my profession in computer software! Solving complicated problems with simple, creative solutions, pair programming in a team environment, open source, fail fast, agileā€¦ these all really light me up!


To be honest, helping society is not something I have really tried to measure, but instead something I am constantly putting my full effort into. Looking back, in my time in America, I made the below positive impacts: - Always trying to carry myself with the best character/behavior I know, to serve as a good role model for everybody around me. - For about 9 months so far, teaching Yoga and Martial Arts in 30-60 minute sessions every day to my coworkers, friends, and mom as a healing pathway for significant health issues. - Giving several presentations to dozens to hundreds of my coworkers regarding nutrition, health, and life philosophy, as well as bridging the communication/culture gaps between the China and US offices with presentations. - Sharing with my friends and family several documents and a short book about my journey in personal development. - Helping several of my coworkers and the organization enhance their software development skills, through technical mentoring, giving presentations, and writing best practices guides. More recently, I made a decision to move to Eiheiji town in Fukui, Japan as I see it as the place I can make the greatest positive impact at this point in my life. With the full support of the town, I've been appointed as the Evolution Ambassador and am making efforts to solve some major problems in Japan (overtime work culture, urbanization, limited global visibility). My current focus is starting a nonprofit school/business to create jobs for the next generation with a new Zen Programming style mixing the latest global technology with the ancient, peaceful Zen mindset. So far, I have done four workshops and am planning for more!