Stephen Land

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United States




  • Southern Oregon University, Northern Arizona University

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The Race To Self Identity

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Event planning
Human rights
Public relations

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Human Rights
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am most passionate about helping those who are hurting or broken, those who have been outcast for being different. The hurt, fear, anger, pain, and sorrow I have felt is what fuels me to help others. By sharing my story, I not only allow myself the ability to heal but, I help others in their healing also. Through our healing process we learn and grow which allows us to teach others who have not experienced how they can help us in our healing. Being a survivor of sexual abuse is not easy, being a survivor while also being a man adds social challenges that keep men silent which in turn causes the hurt to linger. My goal is to break down those social challenges so that men have more opportunities to speak out. I grew up singing in church as the youth praise and worship leader, a member of the choir, and lead singer in a Christian band. I used to tell people "be the voice that creates the choir." To me, this meant if you sing with passion and allow your voice to be heard the one standing next to you will sing louder because they also want to be heard. The power and beauty of a voice when a choir sings together as one is the same power and beauty I try to embody in how I share my story. In my heart I know that what I went through has a purpose so I chose to share my story any way that I can. Maybe my life is supposed to be used as an example to help someone else or educate those who don’t understand. Maybe, what I went though is supposed to resemble a "sacrifice" for the purpose of no one else having to go through those same things. Maybe, my life was torn apart so that someone else’s could be put back together. Maybe by losing my childhood I allowed another child to keep theirs. I will never know the worth of what I faced but because I have chosen to speak out, I do know that when I die, what I went through will allow someone else to live. My passion is living, I want to help others live.


October 2012, I attempted suicide. After failing I realized that I was carrying too much weight and needed to let it all go. I reviled every secret I ever held from anyone which included being a survivor of sexual abuse, being a gay man and being engaged to someone who had passed away before our planned engagement announcement. After posting my story I began receiving messages from men all around the world telling me their stories, I immediately knew that I had a grander purpose then I ever could have imagined. I began sharing my story on all of my social media and the response only continued to be positive. I had the pleasure of working with the largest male survivor organization on a documentary called the "Bristlecone Project" where I was able to share my story. From there I worked with "I'm From Driftwood" to tell my story in their video project. Then I meet a Gay Romance Novelist from England named KC Wells who was inspired by my story and wanted to help me help others so together KC and I put a plan in place to publish a novel series about my story. In December 2015 the first book of the series was published. Through these three major pieces of my story telling opportunities I have had the pleasure of meeting with political leaders on local, national and international levels to share my story and the importance of educating people on what it really means to be a survivor of abuse. There is a lot of learning to be done.