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  • Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

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I have a wide range of altruistic pursuits, but they all fall under the same theme: helping spread information and knowledge as to how people can claim their rights, and in everything I do, I think of serving first. I have chose several ways to do this, one of which is Model United Nations. I have taught the subject as an elective at a predominantly hispanic charter high school in Miami, Florida. I have also worked with the UN Foundation's Global Classrooms MUN program for the past 6 years in efforts to engage inner city students in exploration of international affairs hoping that this educational opportunity will give them the life skills to become active global citizens. This year I had the honor of serving as the Secretary-General of the 2013 Global Classrooms International MUN Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York, where over 2,000 students from across the globe participated. 

My upcoming projects include working to improve freedom of expression in Venezuela through alternative non-government owned media outlets, and denouncing other human rights violations in the country with international relations.