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  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • personal development, singing to the Lions, Di-Institutionalisation,

Current organisation

Child in Family Focus Kenya

Current role

Assistant Advocacy Officer

Skills and Expertise

Public relations

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

I am passionate about Advocating for the rights of vulnerable children and more those without parental care. As a young lady who was separated from my family at a tender age and ended up in an orphanage , i know what it exactly means and feels like to be away from family . I also know what it means to sleep hungry in an orphanage. My years in this orphanage made me feel like an an animal in a zoo. I lost my identity that i have struggled for years to find. I have dedicated my life to advocate for the rights of such children like me at the time. That no single child should ever go through what i went through. I do this by speaking in social gatherings, official meetings and conferences, government and private forums with an aim of seeking justice for children and youth whose lives are anchored on the kingdoms of violence and all forms of injustices. I am a member and an official of the Kenya Society of Care leavers, a society for youth who spent part or all of their lives in Orphanages, Children homes and Rehab centers. Having spent their lives separated from the rest of the world, care leavers are socially excluded and so Kenya Society Of Care Leavers offers a safe space for care leavers to relate and also equipping them to be strong advocates for the rights of children. Lastly i give motivational speeches to inspire the youth by spreading rays of hope and traces of kindness to soar above misery, poverty, abuse and live to their full potential. Each has a destiny!!!!


Through giving my life experience in different forums i have been able to create awareness about the importance of families to children. The public has been ignorant about the fate of children IN CARE and AFTER CARE and every time i have a chance to attend these forums , no one leaves the place with the same mentality as they had. At one point i felt like giving up and i turned suicidal. Thousands of youths are going through the same globally and by giving motivational speech to youths and those who are are still mentally crippled by their painful experiences , they are motivated to live once more.