Zina Bankasli

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  • Rotterdam Business School
  • Bachelor in progress
  • Lobby and Leadership training by Kompass organization

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Current role

Marketing Intern

Skills and Expertise

Human rights
Social media
Social work

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

Personally, I am a Syrian asylum seeker who came to the Netherlands four years ago. I have experienced how difficult it is to start a new life. What is more difficult that starting a new life as a young lady, was watching my father starting a new life and a new career after being a successful business man beofre having to come to the Netherlands. Now, my father has started up his own business in the Netherlands. But I would never forget how difficult it was for him, and still difficult for many others who still aren’t able to find a job. Therefore, my goal is to help refugees in the Netherlands to find a job in the field they are experienced in and love. Particularly, I am focusing on Craftsmen because they are the most vulnerable


Through being a connection point beteren Dutch employers and Syrian potential employees.