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Jean-Christophe Spiliotis

University of Oxford, Sciences Po Paris
Data Analysis
Public Policy
Public Speaking / Pitching

I am passionate about

How the economy works (and often doesn't) as well as implications for political and social institutions, creative industries and the environment. That's why I'm pursuing an academic career as a way to keep investigating those issues and contributing to the public understanding of economics. My research applies theoretical, behavioural and statistical tools to policy-relevant questions, ranging from local industrial strategy to international finance and development. I also enjoy communicating about the history and rhetoric of economics, and their relevance to current policy debates and decisions. I'm fond of acting, debating, and in general gesticulating on stage, so I would never miss a chance to share my enthusiasm for academic and policy research.


I strive to provide evidence-based recommendations for social-sector organizations and policymakers. As a research assistant, I contributed to the 2017 LSE Growth Commission Report for Britain in the light of national and global disruptions. I am currently the president of Economists Without Borders Oxford, a pro bono consultancy offering data analysis and consulting services to NGOs, social enterprises and nonprofits. In addition, I have been teaching university courses in statistics, mathematics, economics and finance since 2015. I was previously a College Lecturer in Mathematics at Oriel College, University of Oxford, as well as a Tutor at Worcester College Oxford, Stanford University and the University of Sydney.