Lea Masamo

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  • USIU-Africa: International Business& Entrepreneurship
  • BSc International Business and Entrepreneurship

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-Africa Sickle Cell Organization

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Executive Director

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Three things in life that are important i.e. Experiences, Growth and Contribution. Experiences make us stronger, and they broaden our minds; thoughts and inner beings.  In my 3 – year AIESEC experience, I have learnt how to embrace diversity and opportunities that come with it. I have learnt that despite the fact that the human race is different in its ways of life; we are quite unique in that, we want the same things; are usually motivated by the same things. The desire to develop into influential people in society occurs in us no matter where we come from, our educational background or even the time this desire develops in us.

Project Management

I am an advocate for the Sickle Cell disease in Kenya. I have partnered with Marie Ojiambo to create research systems and information abouth Sickle Cell disease in Kenya since there are no active sources of information. Being an active member of the Childre Sickle Cell Foundation in Kenya, i am able to meet many families affected by sickle cell disease and find sustainable way for them to gain knowledge and live healthy lives. With regards to growth, the ability to freely speak to different organisations i.e. Sickle Cell Foundation and the Alabastron Network Trust has made me grow into a leader and a mentor of people from different backgrounds, not just sicklers. This has given me a self reflective mechanism in all the activities i do that affect those who surround me. Being an example of hope is the only way to diffuse hopelessness.