Johann Kalchman

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Johann Kalchman

Ecole Centrale de Lille (France) and Keio University (Japan)

I am passionate about

I'm passionate about traveling around the world, learning from others and opening my mind step by step. I strongly believe that interacting with each other in various environments is a key step to understand each other. I can't imagine a life without discovering new cultures and new people. As an engineer, i am always fascinated by innovation, not only in science but also in various fields. Finding a new solution to tackle a challenge can always impress me. I am also passionate about the sport, especially soccer, handball and tennis.</p>


My true goal is to develop innovative solutions in order to improve healthcare and help saving lives.

I've recently cofounded a startup, Lifeaz, which purpose is to drastically increase the survival rate to sudden cardiac arrest. We develop an innovative solution for home, where more than 80% of cardiac arrest happen.
I've worked before as an engineer at Sorin CRM, a cardiosurgery technologies company, and as COO at Rarecells Diagnostics, a startup which develops innovative non-invasive solutions to diagnose cancer years before it becomes visible and symptomatic.

Previously, I lived and studied in Japan for the past 2 years and of course i saw my japanese friends facing one of the greatest disaster in history after march 11th. I wanted to have somehow a positive impact on Japan recovery, not only receiving from this warmful country but also giving back. From 2011, i've got implied in STeLA, Science and Technology Leadership Association,a student-run organization that brings science and engineering students together from top universities worldwide to provide leadership education and facilitate multicultural dialogue on global issues. The 2012 theme was Natural Disaster and we tried to have an impact somehow on the future by sharing our common knowledge with others. I am really proud of our team which gathered students from all over the world and gave them keys to access an important field they may not have considered before. In my daily life in Japan, i was developing in my study a lab-on-a-chip to find new drugs to human liver cancer. It's just a small contribution to the field, but i really felt that healthcare science could achieve unbelievable things with the necessary resources.</p>