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Christopher Chakwana

National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe

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I am passionate about the youth and their role in global development; I strongly believe that I am the solution to Africa and the world’s problems. I am excited by the challenges that lie ahead of me and I'm empowered by the ideas of others like me, young minds from all over the globe who aspire to see change in the world. I believe in the renaissance of Africa as being inevitable, It requires innovative young man and women like me ,who use their intelligence and skills to devise brilliant solutions which solve the social and economic challenges faced by the continent today.&nbsp;</p>



<div>I’m also passionate about research in the renewable resources sector and in areas of green production, in coming up with innovative and sustainable solutions that tackle problems that are encountered in the environment given that we are at the height of climatic change. I am particularly interested in green production, I believe as environmental stewards organisations should try to look for cleaner ways of production of their goods in a way that will prevent pollution of the environment through waste minimisation, reduction in resource consumption and reduction in emissions. I also believe issues to do with climatic change affect everyone, and it is everyone’s duty to take an active role in saving our planet earth. I believe change is like a veldt fire, it should start with me the individual and should then spread to the entire world, and we should be the change we want to see.<br />


Christopher is a high school teacher in Bulawayo ,(Zimbabwe) where he teaches basic integrated science and advanced chemistry . He took a Bachelor’s degree (with honors) in Textile Technology from National University of Science and Technology in May 2013.His thesis, which focused on the development of a low-cost re-usable microfiber sanitary pad for rural women, was published in the Textiles & Light Industrial Science and Technology Journal and in the BDU University’s Institute of Technology for Textile, (Ethiopia’s) second international conference on ‘’Cotton, Textile and Apparel Value Chain in Africa" Conference proceeding. As former Vice President for External Affairs at IHAV, a Ghana-based foundation working to nurture young entrepreneurs in Africa, Chris led the first-ever IHAV Africa Foundation Project Conference in 2013 (in Accra Ghana), which gathered youth leaders from around the African continent. Christopher has also been Directors of Community Services and International services at the local Rotaract Club, where he has worked in coordinating community projects. Furthermore, he is Proficiency and Excellency Officer at Jamili Afrika, a Zimbabwe-based project that works to promote a positive and hopeful image of Africa.
In March 2014 Chris’s community involvement was recognized by the World bank and he got to be selected as one of the top 7 prominent young people in Africa and Latin America and was selected to attend the prestigious German Marshall Fund of the United State's Emerging Leaders Summit in Brussels, Belgium. During his time in Europe he also got an opportunity to take part in the World Bank and its strategic partners’ youth roundtable discussion on the youth being used as a strategic force in ending poverty by 2030.
Currently he is studying for a Masters in Industrial Engineering in Manufacturing Systems and Operations Management. He enjoys writing poetry and his work has been published in various poetry platforms across the African continent.