Raghu Appasani

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United States




  • University of Massachusetts Medical School (MD), Wesleyan University (BA in Neuroscience/Science in Society)
  • StartingBloc New York 2011 Fellow

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The MINDS Foundation

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Founder & CEO

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I am passionate about bringing access to healthcare to those that need it most in underserved and rural regions of the world. Currently, I am working primarily in rural India to bring mental health care access, education, and treatment. Moving forward, I am to engage with those in medical device technology to bring about better diagnostic tools to those living in remote regions of the world. This is a connected world and we must work together to bring all our resources to better provide services to all those in need---not just those in urban centers and first-world countries. I love all things social enterprise and healthcare. From a business standpoint, I am passionate about working to enhance healthcare systems via improving processes and systems in hospitals to better provide hollistic care for patients that incorporate not only physicians, but interdisciplinary teams (nurses, case mangers, residents, and physicians). It is important for folks from various sectors to work together to create solutions which can service the 6 billion people in the world.


I founded The MINDS Foundation in August 2010 with the mission of eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness. I believe the best way to go about addressing any development issue is to work with existing infrastructure and local stakeholders. Hence, I developed a 3-phase grassroots program aimed at providing mental health care to rural citizens in India. To date, we have educated over 3,000 rural citizens, treated over 90 patients, and are continuing to work with them to provide social/vocational skills training to provide them with tools for economic empowerment.

We are now working with various foundations and NGOs throughout India to bring mental health education to even more people. Primarily, we are now aimed at integrating mental health education in primary schools to help alleviate stigma from an early age. We aim to create a world where anyone can ask for help without shame or hesitation. The stigma must be constantly diminished while providing medical care alongside it.