Prakash Neupane

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  • BSc Computer Science and Information Technology, Tribhuwan U
  • Amrit Campus
  • Leadership, Business Development, Product Development and Marketing

Current organisation

Current role

Team Mexmber

Skills and Expertise

Market research
Public relations
Social entrepreneurship
Strategic planning

Areas of interest

Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

I am always inspire for solving the social problem, I involved with different actions, Currently i am the part of, the initiative to promote Nepal with real fact and inspiring stories after earthquake of Nepal. Nepal's official tourism recovery website will bring tourist to Nepal. I founded G-Hackademy:Social Business to empower girls and provide employement opportunity for girls in ICT. I started the first API based online flight booking platflorm in Nepal.

working for social development. I am always alert for looking space, where i can contribute for change. I know that ICT with other social movement is worthfull to achieve goals. I am affiliated with different activities, ranging from ICT in education, better ICT education, FOSS movement and many more. I beleive in open knowledge, which lead this world toward open and transparent and participatory world.


From the beginning of my time, I have worked in different roles. Here are some:

1. Team Member of
2. Co-Founder of NepFlights