Martina Buchal

Country representing





  • Carleton University
  • B.A. Honours, Law

Current organisation

World Merit*

Current role

Global Ambassador

Skills and Expertise

Community management
Human rights
International relations
Public policy

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Interfaith Dialogue

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I am passionate about


I'm an advocate, writer, photographer, a rallier, a mentor and collaborator. My greatest contribution to date has been through my work as Global Ambassador for World Merit (you can read about that below in the "leadership" section). In my day-to-day life I raise awareness on important personal, local, and global issues through my close personal and professional online and offline networks with a reach of over 200,000 young people world wide. Offline, I volunteer with several organizations and engage through my paid work in the most meaningful ways possible. I have worked in law, politics and advocacy and have a strong presence in the peace community in my home city (Ottawa) but also abroad. I have been an initiating source for a Peace Practitioner's Cafe and work closely with the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation and Afghanistan: Pathways to Peace to promote personal empowerment toward the creation of a collaborative, inclusive and more peaceful collective. I take my work to the international level by working with young leaders around the globe through World Merit & One Young World; engaging others on this important topic across borders.