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<p>I am passionate about small business and entrepreneurial development, i firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the engine of capitalism and i think that in order to alleviate some of the problems we are facing in my country in particular we need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in our young people to give the the option of creating their own employment and wealth as oppose to depending on a government or others to provide such for them, i think also that with the right training and guidance many of our small businesses can grow and help build our local economy, small business activities account for a a large percentage of our Gross Domestic Product however most of these start and die out in approximately four years due to a lack of funding and lack of managerial capacities or without the correct entrepreneurial skills, such as financial management, i firmly believe that if our entrepreneurs and small businesses are rightly guided they can make the much needed difference that can help alleviate some of the economic problems being faced by a country, my country in particular where the major economic problem is unemployment, these persons can also aid in economic growth and development as they are creating value and i believe this is what is needed, so my passion is small business and entrepreneurial development and i do all i can to ensure i play my part in ensuring that these persons are developed and guided and give all assistance i can give as long as my capabilities will allow me.</p>


<p>To create change I Co-Founded Digital Marketing Agency SocialEyez Media where I help small and medium sized businesses go from Unknown to Wellknown online and amplify their presence online. I also host a weekly online business show call "Beyond The Hustle" where I interview serial entrepreneurs from the Caribbean to share their stories with other aspiring Entrepreneurs from the Caribbean with the hopes that they will be encouraged and see entrepreneurship as an option for them. also worked as Officer in Charge one of the largest Credit Union in Grenada and one of our loan products is Small Business Loans, i have made it my duty that everyone coming for a small business loan, i will train them in bookkeeping , general small business management skills and entrepreneurial traits that they must posses, as youth director in my church, i&nbsp;organized 2&nbsp;seminars for the youths and interested adults they&nbsp;are 1) Financial Management and entrepreneurial skills development and this will be facilitated by a top financial official in Grenada and 2) Building critical leadership skills, to be facilitated by a leadership trainer in Grenada. I have also become an advocate for using Social Media for creating opportunities in Small and medium size businesses hence i co-founded SocialEyez Media&nbsp;</p>

<p>I have migrated from my native Grenada to Canada, However my work to help build my country continues. I recently teamed u with two young Grenadian to launch a platform aimed at giving Grenadians at home and in the diaspora a voice online. Our aim is to create an ecosystem for Grenadians, a hub where everything Grenadian can happen online. We are hoping to bring the Grenadian community closer together, and we provide the opportunity for ordinary to write articles and blog post about issues affecting them and expose those issues to the larger Grenadian public. The platform is called "I Am Grenadian" and can be accessed at;</p&gt;