Rashaad Ahmed Dhai

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South Africa




  • University of Kwa Zulu Natal, BsC Mech Eng

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Interfaith Dialogue

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During my high school years I helped in my local community during the dreaded xenophobic attacks. Thereafter I was constantly in and out of hospital for an illness, where I chose to walk around the wards spreading happiness and hope in other patients (along with my IV line). In my university years I helped start a voluntary after-class service to students from an underprivileged background, specifically in the fields of Mathematics and Science. This proved to be successful as it helped them in the crucial early schooling years. Currently I teach students during my weekends to excel in Math and Science, helping many students for free(single parent households/low-income). I also have written many inspirational articles on a completely anonymous basis. These are published on the internet, used in local community radio stations/online magazines etc. These articles are mainly geared at the youth of my local community, urging one and all to live their dreams whilst not relinquishing their beliefs. I have also been fortunate and partnered up with my organisation Sasol, to encourage young individuals in the fields of engineering and science. This has some very exciting prospects in the near future!