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Grigor Yeritsyan

College of Europe

I am passionate about

I am mostly passionate about youth activism and youth work. For the last 5 years I am working for a youth organization Armenian Progressive Youth (APY). It deals mainly with youth and focus on work with different groups of our society: students, scholars, activists, youngsters, youth workers, experts, scientists, socially disadvantaged groups, minorities in order to increase opportunities for the development of such groups and promote their social integration. On the other hand, we seek to raise public awareness concerning many pressing issues, as it is our belief that the well-being of an individual or group of people favors the entire society. One of our major objectives is to build a peace in the region and establish a dialogue between young people. My work is my passion.


Working in the youth field, I am trying to bring my contribution in the promotion of peace and tolerance in our region by enabling young people to experience direct communication, break prejudices, work in multicultural environments and discover topics of non violent communication and Intercultural Learning. In this difficult transitional period - the regional part of Armenia has the most necessity for attention and development. For that reason I try to aid the development of leadership skills of young wo/men from rural regions of our country and implement different projects to assist them in their academic and career advancement. In 2009, together with friends I founded a youth organization called Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (APY). Today it counts as one of the biggest organizations of its kind in Armenia and involves hundreds of active youngsters. It provides each and every single of its members with the opportunity of personal and professional growth and of course an opportunity to get involved and learn, meet people and experience new things. Within the organization I conducted seminars, training courses, capacity building events, partnership building activities and workshops for young people based in Armenia and in different European countries about leadership, intercultural learning and non-formal education, gender equality, social entrepreneurship in order to strengthen their participation in the community and support them in becoming active citizens. Together with my organization we are developing and implementing challenging youth leadership programs in Armenia and beyond: working with rural and marginalized groups and young leaders to engage them in local developments and democratization processes.