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  • University of Edinburgh Business School
  • University of Newcastle upon Tyne

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Project management
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Peace and Conflict
Youth Unemployment

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One Young World Managing Ambassador for Europe

I am passionate about two things. First, developing the grassroots network of One Young World in Europe and beyond. Second, helping to accelerate the work of young leaders in our community. We in OYWEurope want to be impossible to ignore. In my work as Coordinating Ambassador for London in 2015 & 2016, we made a lot of progress towards that goal and now I'd like to see us spread our influence across Europe and Eurasia. When I first attended One Young World in 2013, I was deeply concerned about the high levels of prolonged youth unemployment around the world. I remain so today. However, given the political and economic uncertainty my focus has moved to promoting leaders wherever I find them. The need for balanced, informed leadership is vitally important in our world right now. My interests include...

  • Entrepreneurialism and Intrapreneurialism
  • Youth Unemployment
  • Technological Innovation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Responsible Business
  • Leadership
  • Right of access to technology for all 


One Young World 2016@OYWEuropeOne Young World 2015
  • Elected Coordinating Ambassador for London & the South East. As part of my role this year I have:
  • Delivered a series of “local summits” featuring executive level speakers and opportunities for our Ambassadors to pitch. These have been hosted at Telefonica, The Beans Group, PwC and J&J. We have two further events coming up at Unilever and Twitter.
  • I’ve taken delegations to the Indonesian Embassy in London and a British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce event.
  • Chair - Global Business plenary Ambassador consultation for 2015 summit.
  • Supported the launch of the One Young World Ambassador podcast, offering Ambassadors a global platform year round to share their work from anywhere in the world.
  • Represented One Young World on London Live TV – on the topic of youth unemployment.
  • Secured approval from the Telefonica UK Executive Committee on a cultural change initiative to further harness the potential of young people in the business.
One Young World 2013 & 2014
  • Project Lead for Telefonica's breakout session on Intrapreneurship at One Young World, 2014 - featuring Pedro Padierna, OYW Counsellor and President of Pepsi Co. Mexico; Dennis Bree, Head of Sales for UK & Ireland, Twitter; and Chema Alonso, CEO, Eleven Paths.More here -
  • Delivering a project internally at Telefonica UK to empower young people in our business, 2014.
  • Consulting Panel for Global Business plenary at One Young World, 2014.
  • Speaker at Sir Richard Branson's B Team Session at One Young World, 2013.More here (skip to 22:30) -
  • Co-Chair - Youth Unemployment Breakout at One Young World, 2013.