Oscar Ekponimo

Country representing





  • University of Calabar - Computer Science
  • U.C.I.S.S Secondary School

Current organisation


Current role

Founder & CEO Chowberry

Skills and Expertise

Food security
Information technology
Product design
Social entrepreneurship
Software development

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about


I developed Chowberry to provide an alternative affordable source of nutrition for economically disadvantaged demographics through web and mobile based value ecxhange service. We are building the cloud based service which provides a sustainable means of managing shelf-life of food products by enabling retailers monitor and track food product expiry in stock while simultaneously streaming the same monitored products to consumers at deep discounts via location aware algorithms. It seeks to impact over 2.5 Million economically disadvantaged households with affordable nutrition from near expiry food products by the retail and distribution level agricultural value chain actors. Thus far we have a working version of the cloud based service online with minimal functionalities and ran a successful pilot with a small set of 300 users and 20 partner retailers which provided nutrition to about 150 orphans and vulnerable children through partnerships with orphanages. In personal capacity, i deliver free training and mentorship to school students on sustainable development and how they can tackle hunger and malnutrition.